Underfloor Heating

With improvements in efficiency and climate control in homes, underfloor heating has increased in popularity, along with the growth of technology lead developments and building projects. A good underfloor system delivers many benefits for home owners in reduced energy and fuel costs as well as maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Liquid screed is a vital part of ensuring maximum efficiency from your underfloor heating. Liquid screeds show a substantial improvement in the way heat is conducted from your underfloor heating pipes in comparison to traditional underfloor heating materials. Please take the time to read through our data sheets to see the benefits of lowered depths and heat efficiency.


GM Floor Screed Underfloor Heating Installation


GM Floor Screeds undertake the full supply and instalment of your underfloor heating systems. Each individual job is custom designed to maximise efficiency and all manifold and temperature controls are integrated.

Underfloor heating is no longer a costly luxury- With demand increasing for underfloor heating to be the sole heating system in 80% of projects, consumers can now heat there homes efficiently and cost effectively. GM Floor Screeds can offer all underfloor heating systems from within screed systems, Between joist systems and low profile retro fit systems. We offer a wide range of smart controls that can be controlled wirelessly by your smart phone or tablet. All our systems are designed to CIBSE standard via our CAD engineers.

Underfloor Heating Cross Section