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solo gentleman - pouring liquid screed over the underfloor heating system

Liquid Floor Screed

GM Floor Screeds are specialists in liquid & flow screed applications for both commercial and domestic properties and take pride in our range of products and level of service.

Our screed is pumped directly onto a surface, reducing thickness and drying time, giving you peace of mind that you're able to continue with your project on schedule.

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underfloor heating installation complete - loft conversion

Underfloor Heating

With improvements in efficiency and climate control in homes, underfloor heating has increased in popularity, along with the growth of technology lead developments and building projects.

A good underfloor system delivers many benefits for home owners in reduced energy and fuel costs as well as maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

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Man Cleaning - preparation of floor before screeding

Floor Preparation

GM Floor Screeds takes a lot of pride in our work to undertake the best possible floor preparation around.

Floor preparation is a crucial part of any screed job (good preparation makes a good screed). This includes using various insulation depths to build levels of floors, ensuring any pockets, air holes and edges are fully sealed prior to when the screed going down.

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Insulation Flooring Process - multiple rooms - yellow insulation

Insulations & Acoustics

Acoustic flooring solutions can help reduce the level of sound that travels through a floor.

GM Floor Screeds install insulation and acoustic floors to approved specifications known as Robust Detail or Pre Completion testing. This is a specification that tests the transfer of sound before the floor installed.

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Hilti Level Survey

Level Surveys

To ensure our customers can get the most out of their floors, GM Floor Screeds would always prefer to perform a Level Survey on the floor area, allowing us to maximise the insulation values, helping keeping costs of screed materials down and help achieve maximum thermal values within properties.

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Finished Floor Screeding - white breeze block - dry screeded floor

Sand & Cement Screed

Sand and Cement screed has always been the traditional choice of flooring materials in the building industry. Installed using traditional methods of steel trowl and straight edges.

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thin section yellow and green screed machine in factory

Thin Section Screed

Thin Section Screeds are single component quick hardening cement based screeds for levelling and smoothing floors where rapid drying is essential. These products are best applied by trowel.

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Levelling Out a Liquid floor Screed in extension

Concrete Screed

GM Floors offers a high quality surface finish in their concrete screeds to eliminate the use of power floated concrete on building sites. It can be applied to applications, slabs, structural toppings, oversites, domestic floors and commercial slabs.

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