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Fast Track Your Flooring Projects

Looking for a fast and efficient way to level and smooth your floors? Look no further than thin floor screeds! Here at GM Floor Screeds, the UK's floor screed specialists, we offer a range of thin screed solutions perfect for various flooring projects.

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What are Thin Floor Screeds?

Thin Floor screeds are single-component cement-based thin floor screeds, made especially for quick drying and floor preparation. These unique screeds are ideal for situations when time is of the essence because they are simple to apply with a trowel.

Their sophisticated formulation guarantees a reliable and long-lasting finish, offering a strong base for a variety of floor coverings.

Key Features of Thin Screeds:

  • Fast Track Flooring: One of the main features of thin floor screeds is their incredibly fast drying time. Under normal conditions, you can walk on the screed usually around 2 hours after application, allowing you to proceed with your flooring project without unnecessary delays, saving you money and time. This rapid drying capability can significantly shorten project timelines, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial projects.
  • Self-Levelling: Achieving a smooth and even surface is essential for the final look and performance of a floor. Therefore, thin screeds are self-levelling screeds, meaning that extra levelling chemicals are not needed because the screeds will flow by itself to form a uniform basis. This function makes sure that the final floor covering, be it carpet, tile, vinyl, or any other material, has a perfect foundation.
  • Protein-Free: Unlike traditional screeds, thin floor screeds are protein-free, meaning they do not support bacterial growth. This is particularly important in environments where hygiene is essential, such as hospitals, schools, and food preparation areas.

Benefits of Thin Section Screeds


As well as per the thin screeds’ key features, there is a range of benefits to include in the list such as:

  • Rapid Installation: Thin screeds significantly reduce project timelines thanks to their fast-drying properties and no need for further levelling services.
  • Versatility: They can be used for various applications, from filling depressions to smoothing uneven floors, and be used for a wide range of final floor coverings such as carpets, tiles, and vinyl.
  • Suitable for Diverse Locations: Thin screeds are a great option for residential and commercial projects, including office buildings, schools, hospitals, and more.
Smoothing Floor Screed process - kitchen extension

How GM Floor Screeds Installs Thin Floor Screeds:

At GM Floor Screeds, our experienced team follows a strict procedure to ensure the thin floor screed installation runs smoothly and that the final application gets the results as planned. Here’s how we do it:

  • Assessment: We start by assessing your project needs to determine the best approach and materials required.
  • Preparation: We prepare the subfloor by cleaning and priming it to ensure optimal adhesion and performance of the thin screed.
  • Application: Our skilled technicians apply the thin screed using specialised tools to achieve a smooth and even finish.
  • Curing: We allow the screed to dry and cure properly, ensuring a durable and reliable base for your final flooring.
  • Inspection: We perform a thorough inspection to ensure the screed meets our high standards and is ready for the final floor covering.

Transform Your Floors with Speed and Efficiency

Thin floor screeds offer a game-changing solution for fast-track flooring projects. Their rapid drying times, self-levelling properties, and versatility make them a perfect choice for various applications and properties.

By choosing GM Floor Screeds, you are not only choosing superior products, but also expertise service and commitment to quality. We ensure that every installation is performed to the highest standards, providing you with a durable and smoothly floor that’s ready for any finish.

Got a question or are you ready to get your project running? Contact GM Floor Screeds, the UK's leading screed specialists, today for a free quote and expert advice on your next flooring project!

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