What is an Underfloor Heating System?

Underfloor heating systems are designed to improve efficiency and climate control in homes. They are made of a series of heating sheets and electric wires that are installed under or within the flooring of a property.

Just like the radiators, underfloor heating systems use pipes to heat the room, but the main difference is that they do it from the ground up. They can be installed under any floor type, but some types of flooring will work better with the heating than others and each one will require different specifications to reach a good efficiency.

Underfloor Heating System Installation

The underfloor heating system can be installed both when the property is being built and after, where the first one is easier as no need for the removal of the flooring. In any of the cases, the system is installed after a layer of screed and a floor insulation system, which ensures the heat will travel upwards, and below another layer of screed.

They can be also installed with a floor sensor for better control of the temperature, and we recommend that a liquid floor screed is used to cover the underfloor heating system to ensure a better distribution of the heat.

Underfloor heating system

What Are the Benefits?

Underfloor heating will ensure the room is comfortable by providing heat and helping control the local temperature, and they also offer some other benefits that many people don’t know of. They include:

  • They reach the temperature desired faster than a radiator, improving, even more, the comfort levels
  • Usually does not require maintenance, making it also cost-effective and free of headaches
  • Low running costs
  • Child and animal friendly by not heating as much as a radiator would. They will make the floor warm and do not have the power to burn or harm anyone.
  • Space saver and interior design-friendly
  • Can be controlled from your mobile phone with a single click

If you would like to know more about our underfloor heating system installation, don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members. We can install and make your underfloor heating system ready to use in less than 7 days.