Liquid Floor Screed or Sand and Cement Screed?

Sand and Cement Screed

Liquid Floor Screed or Sand and Cement Screed? What Is The Difference?

We have provided some information about the two main types of floor screeds so you can choose the best option for you. Sand and Cement screed, also known as Anhydrite screeds, and Liquid floor screed, also known as Gypsum screeds or even as Flow screeds.

The main difference is that the first one is a mix of sand with dry calcium sulphate, while the second one is a mix of calcium sulphate with water, becoming a liquid format when applied. But which one is the best for your project?

Applying the floor screed can be an exciting step of construction, as this will be one of the big steps to finish a room, and choosing the best type for your place, residential or commercial, can be a daunting choice. Check out some information we pulled together to help you.

Sand and Cement Floor Screed

The sand and cement screed is the traditional type of screed and by being a more consistent material, the labour is also more intensive, requiring highly skilled people to work on it. It usually dries faster than the liquid one, requiring suitable retardants when it needs to be worked all day.

At GM floor screeds, we use this same kind for levelling screeds, and it is one of the preferred choices from the building industry as the benefits include flexibility between fully bonded, partially bonded, and un-bonded screeds; correct water excess to be disposed of by being able to be laid into falls and it is also ideal for underfloor heating projects.

Liquid Floor Screed

In its turn, the liquid floor screed is an easier process as it is not just delivered to the site ready-mixed but is also much faster to apply. The liquid screed also dries fast, but the whole process gets faster by being easier to manoeuvre.

Between its benefits, it provides a smooth level surface to any kind of building, it transfers heat better than the sand and cement screed and offers a lower risk of shrinking and cracking. On the other hand, it is an expensive product even though it requires fewer materials.

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