Liquid Floor Screed in the West Midlands

What is a Liquid Floor Screed?

A liquid floor screed is a self-levelling compound poured onto your floor to create a level, smooth, and even surface. Oftentimes, this will be used for the foundations for any further flooring laid on top. Though for many people in the West Midlands, liquid floor screeds are becoming a more fashionable flooring alternative.

Liquid floor screeds are comprised of a mixture of cement, water, and sand, mixed to the ideal density to suit your flooring project. In the West Midlands, liquid floor screeds have become increasingly popular due to their advantages over traditional screeds.

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Liquid Screed Versus Traditional Screeds

Liquid floor screeds are a more flexible and versatile screed due to their self-levelling nature. This allows them to be ideal for a wide range of applications.

Liquid floor screed has a thin layer thickness, meaning that it is perfect for underfloor heating systems. This can be vital in the winter in the West Midlands, due to our cold, icy winters. Here traditional screeds are oftentimes too thick, which can limit the performance of the heating systems and reduce the amount of heat transfer.

They can also be ideal for areas that have noticeable height or weight restrictions. Due to its thin nature, a liquid floor screed is a popular choice for retrofitting and renovation projects in which a traditional screed is too heavy or unsuitable.

Common Liquid Screeding FAQs

Depending on the type of screed you choose or require will determine its drying time. Most screeds are normally adequate to walk on after 48 hours at most however some can be walked on within a day and with added additives can be walked on after 12 hours.

It is recommended to leave a screed 28 days before placing furniture on it, however, flooring and some furniture can be placed on the screed after 7 days if completely necessary.

There is a type of floor screed for essentially any property. Whether you want to screed your commercial, domestic or industrial property there is a screed that can be applied. This is because screeds can be adapted to suit the environment they will be in, i.e. screeds can be made to withstand more heavy duty loads if required.

Just like the curing time, the type of floor screed chosen will depend on the thickness it needs to be.

For industrial and commercial spaces with heavy duty applications, the floor screed will need to me considerably thicker than one in a domestic property.

However, it is best to ask your builder the thickness needed to be completely accurate.

Screed and concrete are both made up of the same materials, however, screeds use a finer aggregate, therefore, making the material overall smoother. This make concretes stronger as the extra aggregate adds more strength however as a screed is made to be put over concrete the strength is still maintained.

You can also explore our full list of screeding FAQs to learn more about liquid screeding companies and how we operate.

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Why Utilise Liquid Floor Screed in the West Midlands?

A key advantage of a liquid floor screed is that it is a stronger screed. It is more durable, and more resistant to wear and tear than a traditional screed. This means that it is perfect for high-traffic areas. In your home, this may be your hallways, living rooms, or kitchens. In a West Midlands commercial or industrial setting, this may be workspaces and warehouses where traditional screeds are prone to chips, cracks, and deterioration over time.

Despite their name, liquid floor screeds are incredibly waterproof once they are dry. This is especially helpful for preventing dampness and moulds from growing or spreading in the flooring of your property.

Liquid floor screeds in the west midlands are also far easier to install due to their liquid and self-levelling nature, meaning that their installation times are often quicker. They are also the fastest drying solution available and can be safely walked on after only 24 hours!

Our liquid screeds will also spread into every corner of your room during the installation. A lot of traditional screeds will only go as far as you are able to spread them. Our liquid screeds in the West Midlands can reach into all the hidden nooks and crannies that your flooring may be hiding.

Why Choose us as Your Liquid Floor Screeding Company in the West Midlands?

At GM Floor Screeds, we are your premier provider of high-quality liquid floor screed solutions in the West Midlands. Whether you're a homeowner, a contractor, or a property developer, we are the right choice for you! We have the expertise, equipment, and experience to deliver the outstanding results that will exceed the already high expectations of our clients.

We are dedicated to ensuring that we deliver exceptional results on every one of the projects that we undertake. We always strive to exceed our client’s expectations in every possible way we can. We also offer thin-section screeds, sand & cement, concrete screeds, & more services!

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