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GM Floor Screeds have been professionally floor screeding for over 10 years’ gaining respect and being recognised in the sector for a reliable and efficient floor screeding service. This may be due to a number of factors that set us aside from our competition. All of GM Floor Screeds team are qualified, certified installers by the main manufacturers and screed suppliers throughout the UK. Throughout our experience in the floor screeding industry, we have shared together our methods and experience to create a wealth of knowledge in the industry to be able to create a complete range of floor screeding services in Cheshire to tackle any flooring solution.

Our floor screeding services provide an expansive range of screed solution including concretes, underfloor heating, liquid screeds and many more allowing us to work with an incredible variety of both commercial and domestic businesses or properties. Our floor screeding spans across numerous different sectors and industries from buildings ranging from refurbishments and small extensions to large industrial projects such as offices and factories. GM Floor Screeds have honed and perfected their screeding process so whatever the project maybe we have the tools to provide high quality and reliable floor screeding in Cheshire.

Floor Screeds

We are specialists in liquid screed applications and floor screeding in Cheshire but do not stop there. We have a brilliant range of flooring solution services for you so you can find the perfect solution for floor screeding. Our team are vastly experienced in the floor screeding industry, with every screeding contractor fully trained and qualified in all the required practices we carry out. All our floor screeding is held to the very highest of standards, combining knowledge to create the best possible professional team ensures the best job possible and screed flooring at its optimal efficiency for each and every one of our customers.

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